Wightwood Abbey Ruined Tower

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This Ruined Tower (aka The Rookery) rises to a looming 11″ on your gaming table and has three distinct levels on which the action can take place. Each level allows for access to the next, and each level separates to provide easy access to your figurines. Piles of rubble are carefully modelled to allow for models with 1″ bases to stand on top of them without slipping, and the whole ruinous structure, carefully designed, provides multiple areas to place ‘snipers’ or defenders. This model also includes a ladder that prints separately and provides an alternate way for the action to move from level to level.


Attention: This product is printed and then painted on demand. Please allow 3-4 weeks before shipping. 


“Standing at the abbey walls I gazed towards the mountains. In the fading light of evening, off in the distance I could see the ravens circling above that lonely ruined tower which the monks call The Rookery. I had been there a few days earlier, and wandered among the ancient stones of that isolated place where they lay scattered where they had fallen. A few stones had strange carvings on them and though I stopped to make my notes, I felt a strange unease the longer I stayed and I could not help but hurry my work and quickly leave that desolate place.”

 – Belev Megan, Historian from the University of Paveth Cais

The Wightwood Abbey Ruined Tower (also known as The Rookery) is a large piece of terrain that provides ample space to conduct scenarios and skirmishes on and between three different levels. Even the debris that has tumbled from the towers heights provides another surface for miniatures to be placed on, and the exterior stairwell allows for assailants and defenders alike to take up multiple positions as they clamber up and down. Various cracks and holes have been built into the tower to provide sight-lines for arrow fire and such, but even with such access the tower is a wonderfully defensible position. Functionally, the ground floor separates into two part to give easy access to figures within the base of the structure, and the two levels above separate as well so that figures can be placed wherever needed. The entrance to the second floor has a working door for added options during gameplay. A ladder is included in this set and can be used to give a more realistic impression during play of how figures access various parts of the tower.