The Ancient Tomb

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The Ancient Tomb is a highly detailed model perfect as a central piece of a burial ground or as a great addition to any eerie tabletop locale where respects are paid to the ancestors. It’s large enough to provide cover for a number of units, and the bricked in area works great as an objective where holy relics might be cached.

Assembled size: 6″W x 3″D x 3.5″H

“Aye, I pay my respects at the tomb. I would be a fool not to. I’ve spent a lifetime in these woods, and if it’s taught me anything it’s that one wants the spirits that dwell here on their side. I dare not forget our ancestors, lest they forget me.” – Berran Haeklin

The Ancient Tomb is part natural structure and part man-made. Beneath the huge stone slab and boulders, the first abbot buried a great leader here and his grave has been tended to and the structure repaired ever since.

Attention: This is a 3d printed and painted product. Please allow 3-4 weeks once the order is placed for it to be printed, painted, and shipped to you.