Wightwood Abbey Abbot’s House

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“A place to rest your weary feet after long days of pacing the courtyard contemplating the nature of divinity. Rest well (and don’t forget to say your prayers!).”

The personal residence of Wightwood Abbey’s abbot, but entirely suitable as a dwelling in any medieval setting. The abbot’s house is a two story building with an internal stairwell as well as both front and rear entrances with working doors. The first floor is constructed from stone, whereas the second floor is a wood and plaster affair. A large oriel overhangs the front entrance and provides an interior loft for a more dynamic gameplay.

Highly detailed medieval house with two playable levels, as well as front and rear entrances with working doors.

Assembled size: 8″L x 4.5″W x 10″H inches

Attention: This is a 3d printed and painted product. Please allow 3-4 weeks once the order is placed for it to be printed, painted, and shipped to you.