The Ancient Shrine

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“When I gaze upon the crumbling shrine and look up to see the twisting, towering majesty of the ancient wightwood, I think of king Hallanth’s brother and first abbot of the monastery, Vallis Havnor, and how he received his famous visions under the branches of this very tree those long centuries ago, and I wonder at the power of the place…” – Brother Sowards

Full of detail, the Wightwood Abbey Ancient Shrine contains plenty of nooks and crannies to hide characters waiting in ambush or taking cover from pursuers. A carefully concealed underground cave is accessible by lifting the top section of the model off (players will never suspect encountering what lurks below!). The shrine itself can be reached from three sides (the forth side providing full cover) and across the model several ‘perching points’ have been considered to allow miniature placement all across this massive piece of terrain.

Perfect as a center piece to your woodland or ruins scenario, plenty of dynamic play can take place up, down, around and through the Ancient Shrine.

Assembled size: 7.5″D x 7.5″W x 18″H inches

Attention: This is a 3d printed and painted product. Please allow 3-4 weeks once the order is placed for it to be printed, painted, and shipped to you.