Healer’s House

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In the Tarok there are few that are as skilled as The Healer. This mysterious old crone has healed many that were said to be beyond saving. Yet her salves, ointments, potions, and poultices have helped many. Yet she asks no payment for her services. Instead she relies upon the offerings brought to her to survive. 

her ramshackle house is covered in ivy, the windows are askew, and yet it is clean, tidy, and sound of frame on the inside. 


Printing and painting takes time. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this process to happen. Sometimes it is faster sometimes slower. If you message us we are more than willing to give you an update on your order. 

This is available either printed or printed and painted. If you opt for printed it will ship unprimed. Painted version will have exteriors and interiors painted to a tabletop level. They will be playable though you maybe choose to touch them up some with your own colors. We are willing to do some customization to our paint schemes, this might incur additional costs. Pleas email us for details.